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Welcome to White Horse Yacht Charters

Crewed Yacht Charters

Choosing your yacht

There are a few considerations to take into account when looking for your perfect charter yacht.

You may be a sailor and enjoy the feeling and freedom of being on a Mono-hull sailing yacht. You may be new to sailing and want something a little more spacious and stable, then a Catamaran / Trimaran would be more suitable, or you could be looking for a motor yacht. There are a number of luxury power yachts available throughout the Caribbean.
The more we know about your style and preferences the better we can be at suggesting the right yacht for you.

Take into account who will be travelling with you - whether it’s a family vacation with young children or a group of friends wanting to party and find some night life and entertainment. Maybe you are a group of scuba divers? Do you require a certain cruising area? What’s your budget going to be? Charter yachts vary in price depending on type and size. Sailing yachts tend to charge per person, while others charge one fixed price for the whole yacht.
If you are not sure which type of yacht to search for then White Horse Yacht Charters is here to help.

Crewed Yacht charter

Arrive at your own private yacht, meet the captain and chef, tour the vessel then after a cabin safety briefing you are ready to set sail. From there you have a wide range of options but the itinerary is completely up to you and flexible but ask your captain for advice if you are not sure. He will have extensive knowledge of the cruising area and will be more than happy to point out some must see places. If you would just like to sit back and enjoy the relaxation and sunbathing, or if you’re a bit more active and want to enjoy all the water toys and sports your yacht may offer and if you’re a keen sailor and want to learn more about your yacht whether it’s sailing or motor, just let your Captain know. He will be more than happy to let you have a go pulling up the sails or taking the helm.

You really will enjoy life aboard a stylish yacht with all the freedom if offers. Your toughest decision other than snorkelling or swimming will be which yacht to select. White Horse Yacht Charters will help you choose from a selection of yachts from classic beauties, high performance yachts and roomy motor sailers to beamy catamarans and luxurious power yachts. We will find the perfect yacht for you.

Many of the yachts will spend the winter months in the Caribbean then some return to the Mediterranean during the summer months. Others head to New England, Central America or Alaska.


Cocktails on board - White Horse Yacht Charters
Photo by Veronica Chamberlain

Once the charter yacht is booked and a deposit has been made to secure your yacht for the dates you have chosen then White Horse Yacht Charters will send to you a Food and Beverage preference sheet which will be completed by you then forwarded back to White Horse Yacht Charters. We then forward a copy onto your chef who can plan out a menu from your information given. If you have dietary requirements, whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or have certain food allergies, make sure you put down all this information. If you have children then there will be a kids section on the preference sheet to write down all their favourites too.

Your chef will do his/her best to meet your dietary needs and requests but please bear in mind that some items just cannot be purchased depending on your chosen destination.
Each yacht will supply a snack basket and all beverages with a basic ships bar and a selection of white and red wines.


Dive Charters

White Horse Yacht Charters - Dive ChartersWhether you’re a Scuba diver or want to learn to dive this can be a wonderful experience to add to your charter yacht vacation. There are a number of crewed yachts operating in the Caribbean that offer Scuba diving, this will also include all your Scuba equipment and instruction depending on what level of diving you want. The British Virgin Islands in particular is one of the best dive locations in the world with a variety of dive sites including wreck dives and reef dives with an abundance of sea life. It truly an amazing experience.

Who Can Scuba Dive ?
Almost anyone can as long as you are 12 years and above and in generally good health.

Rendezvous. There are a number of scuba dive companies operating within the Caribbean that offer rendezvous diving or equipment rental.

White Horse Yacht Charters - Dive ChartersYour chosen scuba dive company will be more than happy to rendezvous with your charter yacht and take you and your dive party off for the morning or afternoon to enjoy a few of the spectacular dive sites, leaving your yacht to carry on with other activities for the non scuba divers in your group. After your dive the dive company will then rendezvous with your yacht often meeting up in a different location.

Depending on your chosen destination, government restrictions may only allow you to dive with a scuba dive company and not independently from your crewed yacht.

White Horse Yacht Charters - Dive ChartersDiscover diving or Resort Course
If it’s the experience your after and not the certification then try a welcome to scuba resort course. You will be taught by an Instructor - he/she will take you through a number of exercises and introduce you to all the equipment you will be needing for your dive. After a review you will then be conducting practical exercises in relatively shallow calm waters. After successfully completing this stage and understanding the fundamentals of scuba diving, you are now ready to experience what it’s really like to become a scuba diver but don’t worry you wont be going too deep. For a resort course or discover scuba you wont be diving any deeper than 33 feet. This is a really good way to get started and decide if scuba diving is for you.

Medical Release forms
There is a Medical release form you will be required to complete before you sign up for a Discover Scuba or Resort Course.

White Horse Yacht Charters - Dive ChartersFor Non Certified Divers wanting to become a certified diver
If you're looking to become a certified Scuba diver and obtaining a Scuba diving certification while on a crewed yacht vacation it is advisable although not necessary to have completed the dive theory before joining your yacht as this will save valuable time for you and your dive instructor, leaving you to enjoy the dives without having to spend hours reading the books. Your instructor will be able to finish your certification with a number of dives and exercises which you would be able to complete within the time aboard your chosen yacht, ending with a unique experience and a new certification.

White Horse Yacht Charters - Dive ChartersCertified Divers
For scuba divers that have completed their certification please remember to bring your certification cards and log books with you. Your dive instructor or dive master will have to see your cards before you dive. The amount of diving you wish to do during the week really does depend on you and your chosen itinerary, typically you may choose to dive once or twice a day or a few times during your week and not every day.

Dive Instructors and dive Masters are recognized professionals who have successfully competed their training with a recognized dive institute such as P.A.D.I. or N.A.U.I. All active dive professionals will have their own dive insurance.

White Horse Yacht Charters - Dive ChartersInstructors and Dive Masters
For an uncertified diver you will need a dive instructor with you but for a certified diver a dive master can help you plan and lead your dives.
The dive master will have extensive knowledge of the area and will also be able to help with donning your equipment. If you haven’t dived for some years but have a certification a dive master can also take you through a refresher course. This will return your diving knowledge and confidence once again


Honeymoon Charters

Chartering your own private crewed yacht is a wonderful way to celebrate your special occasion. Imagine arriving to your own personal luxurious yacht then welcomed aboard with a glass of champagne which is served by your very own crew. You'll feel like a King and Queen instantly. It truly is the perfect way to celebrate, escape and relax.
Many of the yachts offer honeymoon charters throughout the Caribbean so please contact White Horse Yacht Charters with your requests and questions.

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Chartering a yacht is a wonderful experience but you could make it even better with a celebration whether it’s a birthday, family reunion, anniversary or a special holiday your crew and yacht will make your celebration one to remember.
There are many yachts available for charter throughout the year please feel free to contact White Horse Yacht Charters with any requests and questions about special occasions.

Group Charters

If you’re planning a trip with another family or group that would require more than one yacht whether sail or motor, we will do our best to match the size of yacht or yachts and find the right crew for your budget.
For a group charter we advise our Captains and Chefs to get together before your arrival on the yacht, this gives the crews a chance to meet and start planning a flexible Itinerary based on your preferences.

Holiday Charters

If you are thinking of planning a charter yacht vacation around a holiday for example Christmas and New Year or kid’s school holidays then think of booking ahead. Holiday dates get booked quickly.
To secure your dream yacht for Christmas and New Year it is recommended booking a year ahead of time.

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

White Horse Yacht Charters - Kitesurfing in the CaribbeanKitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports that has exploded worldwide. It is a fusion of kite flying, surfing and wakeboarding that can be quick and achievable to learn at any age, size or strength.
Having the warm crystal blue waters and trade winds that range from 10 to 25 knots makes the Caribbean one of the premier kitesurfing destinations.
As the kites are very powerful, in the wrong hands they can be dangerous. It is recommended that all beginners have lessons with an approved school. These schools can be found throughout the Caribbean island chain.
The British Virgin Islands has some great kitesurfing locations, with no crowds. Anegada with its long sandy beaches and flat water, Eustatia Sound and North Sound makes kite boarding in the BVIs easy and exhilarating.
If you are interested in kitesurfing whilst on your Caribbean vacation contact White Horse Yacht Charters for more information regarding schools, locations and equipment.


Non Crewed Charter Yachts or Bare Boats Charters

If you are looking to Captain your own sailing or motor yacht then contact White Horse Yacht Charters, we know a number of reputable companies within the Caribbean that offer well maintained vessels.

To captain your own charter yacht you will need a crew member to have obtained a Captains licence and be familiar with either sail or motor vessels.
If there is no Captain Licence holders within your charter party then the charter company can offer Captain only charters at an additional cost.
The price to hire a bare boat is for the boat alone, all other expenses will be additional. This will also include insurance depending on conditions, any water sport equipment rentals and provisioning if requested. These costs can vary from yacht to yacht depending on size and design of yacht so please ask White Horse Yacht Charters for more information about bare boats operating in the Caribbean.



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